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ARR® Center for Anatomically
Correct Horsemanship

Rittorpweg 57
47574 Goch
Phone: +49 (0) 2823 97555 09
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Cell Phone: +49 (0) 172 14 13 294
Cell Phone: +49 (0) 172-211 73 13


Anatómiailag helyes lovaglás

Read the fourth part of the series of articles on ARR in the Hungarian horse magazine LOVAS ELET!

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ARR in Danish horse magazine Ridehesten

The very important Danish horse magazine Ridehesten has just published a big article on the ARR training method and the successful retraining of Danish warmblood stallion White Talisman.

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Misner Wins Grand Prix!

After completion of the training at the ARR center, Nakita and Dadas Dynamite won their very first Grand Prix together!


Uridelig af kissing spine

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Training Team

Training Team


Gabriele Rachen-Schöneich

For more than 20 years has she been training horses at the ARR center and with her comprehensive knowledge of horse feeding, health and homeopathy has she been of immense value for both horses and riders. Every day she trains horses and riders in the round pen or the riding hall. As the manager of the ARR center, she is responsible for all daily business and keeps track of the training schedule and special needs of each horse. Her specialized knowledge of social pedagogy, therapeutic riding and the human locomotor system make her an expert on the rider’s correct seat on horseback.


Contact: cell phone: +49(0)172-1413294,


Klaus Schöneich

He has been around horses and worked with them since he was a child. In 1985, he developed the concept of straightness training. During his travels, mostly in Spain and the United States, he acquired much of his extensive knowledge of riding styles, horse breeds, horse anatomy and biomechanics. Nowadays he represents the ARR center in various seminars, courses and conventions all around the world. Whenever he is at home, he helps training the horses boarded there.


Contact: cell phone: +49(0)172-2117313, e-mail:


To ride the horses that are in training with us we trust in our professional riders, who work in close collaboration with us to implement our longstanding experience in the saddle and carefully guide the horses during the second step of our training program.


Yvonne van de Loo

She is our professional for all administrative tasks in the office.
She´ll be happy to assist you with all your clinic planning needs.

Office times: Tuesday and Thursday from 08:30 until 12:30 hours

Yvonne van de Loo