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Anatómiailag helyes lovaglás

Read the fourth part of the series of articles on ARR in the Hungarian horse magazine LOVAS ELET!

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ARR in Danish horse magazine Ridehesten

The very important Danish horse magazine Ridehesten has just published a big article on the ARR training method and the successful retraining of Danish warmblood stallion White Talisman.

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Misner Wins Grand Prix!

After completion of the training at the ARR center, Nakita and Dadas Dynamite won their very first Grand Prix together!


Uridelig af kissing spine

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The work on the lunge with the cavesson allows direct control over the trapezius muscle all the way to the diagonal. The consequence: A positive effect on the whole back musculature and the spine of the horse. The cavesson should be tight on the horse’s head to ensure a precise action in the direction of the centre of gravity.

The ARR cavesson
Klaus Schöneich has developed a cavesson which is specially designed for the purposes of the ARR training. The ARR cavesson is made by Deuber, crafted from the best leather and fitted with a broad and soft noseband. It surrounds the whole curvature of the cheek bone whereby its precision is clearly increased. The iron part consists of three hinges and the middle ring, which is used for the work at the lunge, is parallel to the centre line of the nose so the influence is transmitted directly and selectively.

When buckling the straps of the cavesson it is important that it is fitted about one finger’s width underneath the cheek bone. If the cavesson is fitted too low, pressure develops on the sensitive nasal bone and the respiration of the horse is disturbed. The check piece needs to be tightened firmly so that it can’t slip close to the eye.

The ARR cavesson is available in brown and black and fits all horses, from heavy or draught horse to pony. If the leather straps are too long it can be helpful to put a bung or cork between the nose band and the leather strap. This way the effect of the cavesson stays unchanged. The ARR cavesson can also be used for the breaking in of young horses or for correction horses where it at first can be used without a bit from the saddle. This again brings new possibilities to influence the horse from the saddle.

Other cavesson on the market
Cavessons with bicycle chains or thin iron are very sharp and don’t belong on the nose of a horse. Cavesson irons without hinges adapt insufficiently to the individual nose forms. Because of this they usually are too short on the sides of the nose band whereby a strong pressure on the mouth develops. The influence becomes imprecise and painful, sore spots can occur so that the horse won’t engage in the work on the lunge. If the axis of the middle ring is parallel to the nose band instead of being parallel to the horse’s nose, the lunge will not act selectively anymore which makes the understanding of the lunging aids more difficult.
Cavessons made of nylon slip on the nose; this way the influence of the lunge becomes imprecise. Out of these considerations these cavessons are not suitable for the work on the lunge in the sense of ARR.

The ARR cavesson is available here: