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ARR® Center for Anatomically
Correct Horsemanship

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Anatómiailag helyes lovaglás

Read the fourth part of the series of articles on ARR in the Hungarian horse magazine LOVAS ELET!

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ARR in Danish horse magazine Ridehesten

The very important Danish horse magazine Ridehesten has just published a big article on the ARR training method and the successful retraining of Danish warmblood stallion White Talisman.

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Misner Wins Grand Prix!

After completion of the training at the ARR center, Nakita and Dadas Dynamite won their very first Grand Prix together!


Uridelig af kissing spine

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Young horses should be straightened between the age of 2 ½ and 3 years and subsequently be sent back to the pasture. This schooling is no hard work for the young horse; it is a gymnastic exercising where the young creature gets to know a different side of its body in a playful way – relaxed athleticism. The next step before breaking the horse in would be the refinishing on the lunge which means that this horse would – depending on the time of breaking in – enjoy one to two years of preparation. These horses develop little problems over time; they have a natural movement pattern and are able to easily fulfill requirements.