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ARR® Zentrum für
Anatomisch Richtiges Reiten

Rittorpweg 57, 47574 Goch
Telefon: +49 (0) 2823 97555 09
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Telefon (Mobil): +49 (0) 172 14 13 294
Telefon (Mobil): +49 (0) 172-211 73 13
Gerne können Sie Ihr Pferd besuchen:
Dienstag bis Samstag 10 bis 15 Uhr
Nach 15 Uhr ist Stallruhe.


Marken- und Urheberrecht

Der Begriff «Schiefen-Therapie®» ist markenrechtlich geschützt. Unsere Texte, Bilder und Zeichnungen sind urheberrechtlich geschützt. Ihre Verwendung ist nur mit ausdrücklicher Genehmigung des Zentrums für Anatomisch Richtiges Reiten ARR gestattet. Jede Zuwiderhandlung kann rechtliche Konsequenzen haben.


MeinPferd: Schluss mit schief

Gabriele Rachen-Schöneich gibt als Expertin für das Geraderichten und den unabhängigen Reitersitz Auskunft in einem umfassenden Artikel in der Februar-Ausgabe von MeinPferd.



ARR in der Reiter Revue

Unter dem Schlagwort «Die natürliche Schiefe sinnvoll abtrainieren» widmet diese Ausgabe der ReiterRevue der Arbeit des Zentrums für ARR spannende 6 Seiten!




Der Flyer mit vielen Informationen rund um das Zentrum für Anatomisch Richtiges Reiten ARR.

Download Flyer (pdf)



Das renommierte dänische Pferdemagazin Ridehesten hat einen großen Artikel über die Trainingsmethode von ARR und das Aufbautraining des dänischen Warmblut-Hengstes White Talisman publiziert.

Artikel lesen



Hier der vierte Teil der Artikelserie über ARR im ungarischen Reitsportmagazin LOVAS ELET!

Artikel lesen


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Notice Board
Pferde-Wissen A–Z

Notice Board


One more UK clinic in 2019!

September 13 - 15, 2019 at Pachesham Equestrian Centre in Leatherhead, Surrey

Thanks to Zahra Sadry, we will be able to hold yet another clinic in the UK this year.
For more information please contact Zahra Sadry at
E-Mail and check out the clinic descrpition in this homepage unter "clinics UK"
This week: 20% discount on spectator tickets, see Facebook page of ZEDR Equine for details


Instructions on how to get to ARR in Germany from UK

Thanks to Robin Pettigrew, who drove his horse himself to and from Germany, we have now detailed instructions for you on how to get your horse from the UK to our training location in Germany. It is easier than you might think and certainly cheaper!
Please find below the text as a pdf.


travel_instructions (PDF | 286 KB)


And I want more!

Testimonial from a Danish client

«How did it go over with Gitte today?», asks my husband as I walked through the door. «Just great!», I replied with a happy smile. «Have you been jumping?» «No, mostly trotting», I reply. Just trotting... He has got no idea how fantastic it feels when your horse starts to move correctly for the first time, when you start to feel the power and lightness coming up through the saddle, its amazing - and I want more...



Recurrent lameness and balance issues

An impressive testimonial from a UK client

I have an Irish sports horse 15 years old mare called Sally who came from an equestrian yard. She had issues with lameness and was due to go to a blood bank before we rescued her. (...)


Read the testimonial


Lateral Movements

When we see horses during analysis that show considerable movement problems and we ask how they worked these horses, very often the surprising answer is, “My trainer advised me to do many lateral movements to straighten the horse.” Of course, this makes people think that they have done everything to pave the way into a good future for the horse. In addition, major specialist magazines promote the idea that lateral movements have a great importance in training, particularly in-hand.
Now there should be no doubt that lateral movements really have a considerable significance, BUT…!


read more


Borrowed plumes

Our photos, drawings and findings are not always presented legally to the public. We are astonished that even renowned and highly decorated instructors do not stop at registered trademarks – but we are also honored. The fact that knowledge, for which we were once ridiculed, is now spread on multiple occasions and without second thoughts in the form of our drawings, photos and passages of text via Social Media, on websites and via PowerPoint presentations shows one thing above all: how big the influence of our work is. But to understand, implement or even more teach functional training and the associated straightness training with all aspects requires a longstanding and thorough study of our concept in theory and practice. People who pretend what they are not contribute to the dilution of the concepts we have shaped as well as our method. After all, those who suffer most are the horses. At this point, therefore, a note that you are welcome to pass on: Please do not forget that infringing trademark and copyright laws is a punishable offence.


Functional training, holistic approach

Our expertise team supports us since 25 years. Only the smooth integration of all specialist skills makes the practical implementation of the holistic approach in horse training possible.


Our concept

Expertise Team


Western Saddle Helps Dressage Horses with Saddle Trauma

Paper by Gabriele Rachen-Schöneich and Klaus Schöneich

Did you know that western saddles can be of great help when (re)training dressage or jumping horses? Read about our experience and the western saddle we designed in cooperation with a saddle maker in the US.


Read the paper


Video: The wonderful development of a horse

An English client bought a horse after it failed the purchase vetting on lameness and gave him a second change: he has been trained using the ARR method of straightness training and is now sound and being ridden. Watch the change!


Watch the video

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