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ARR® Center for Anatomically
Correct Horsemanship

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47574 Goch
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Horses with a burr under their saddle

Girthiness is commonly associated with the consequences of tightening the girth too quickly when the saddle is first put on. But although there has been so much progress in the field of saddle making during the last decades and the awareness of the importance of saddle fitting and careful girthing has positively changed, many of our modern riding horses across all breeds are girthy. On reflection, this does not come as a surprise. What if the reason for the girthiness of a large part of the horses concerned were to be found in the low back position?

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How to put backbone into horse training

A fundamental rule of horse training under saddle is that your horse has to "engage through the back". However, the background of this principle is unfamiliar to many riders and even trainers.

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Getting Started With Training After Rehabilitation

Patiently you have given your horse time to recover from an illness or injury. Then finally, after a control examination, the vet gives the green light for the rehabilitation phase. You are very happy – and very uncertain.

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ARR in Danish horse magazine Ridehesten

The very important Danish horse magazine Ridehesten has just published a big article on the ARR training method and the successful retraining of Danish warmblood stallion White Talisman.

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Uridelig af kissing spine

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Anatómiailag helyes lovaglás

Read the fourth part of the series of articles on ARR in the Hungarian horse magazine LOVAS ELET!

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Expertise Team

Expertise Team


Medical support

Ute Küppers, veterinarian

For many years she is responsible for the basic veterinarian care of the horses at ARR. We can always rely on her profound knowledge and her long-term experience.

Ute Küppers


Tina Wassing, veterinarian and homeopath

Being specialist for homeopatic horse therapy, she gives support and interferes in several cases such as chronic problems or metabolic disorders caused by wrong movement patterns.

Tina Wassing


Bastaan Thijs, veterinarian

The pleasant Dutchman with his mobile doctor’s office is always in the right place at the right time. He is a reliable support of the veterinarian team to secure basic veterinarian care.


Markus Gerlach, veterinarian

He is specialized in digital radiography and always in charge, whenever the horses‘ skeleton needs to be inspected. His knowledge already ensured several specific diagnoses.


Rabea Neubaum, veterinarian and horse dentist

If there is any need for dental treatment, we trust in this specialist‘s competence and experience.

Rabea Neubaum


Manuel Fernandez-Cuevas, chiropractor

If necessary, the experienced chiropractor supports horses at ARR with his treatment.

Manuel Fernandez-Cuevas


Andrea Lübke, homeopath

Many horses have experienced a long ordeal, struggling with their past. Her Bach flowers, individually composed, help them to overcome their mental blockades.

Andrea Lübke



Sebastian Preuß, farrier

The young farrier works convincingly accurate and attentive.

Sebastian Preuß



Christoph Hubertus, saddler

In long-term cooperation with this passionate saddler, the ARR saddle was created, which is continuously improved and individually customized to every single horse. He visits the Goch facilities quite often and provides guidance for ARR customers all over Europe.

Christoph Hubertus